Founded in 1998 and based close to Paris, France, ARTHESYS has become the leader in OEM manufacturing for cardiovascular and endovascular catheter based state of the art products.

The company is ISO 13485 certified with LNE-Gmed, and is GMP compliant; its facilities are FDA registered. ARTHESYS portfolio covers catheters for plain dilatation, as well as for stent and/or drug delivery for all sorts of applications: cardiovascular, peripheral, renal, carotid, neurology. Catheter platforms are either balloon based, or self-expandable. ARTHESYS has developped a unique CE-marked stent (available for OEM/OBL) with unique crimping technologies (ActivGrip Process) and expertise. Various accessories have been uniquely designed for easy access for intervention. Extrusion, packaging and sterilization are also part of the company’s portfolio of services.

Over time, company has released new products along with the development of its R&D team. New projects, for existing and new clients, are regularly addressed and developed. This path has also lead to the implementation of contract services and new product & business solutions offerings.


ARTHESYS' mission is to provide our customers with high-quality products at a very competitive cost, and to pursue a policy of constant innovation to meet customer expectations and the needs of an evolving industry.
Over 15 years of experience in the field of interventional cardiology and pioneered research have allowed ARTHESYS to being proactive and committed to customer satisfaction.


ARTHESYS France's facility has over 2750 m2 with more than 1000 m² clean room, R&D workshop, balloon manufacturing area, and warehousing. The company is located approximately 20km from Charles de Gaulle airport and half an hour from the center of Paris.

ARTHESYS has a sister company in Shanghai (China) and a manufacturing facility close to New Dehli (India).